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Cornerstone Media Group

Independent, Data Driven and Agile. Focused on "Win-Win" partnerships.

Cornerstone has been partnering with and connecting Advertisers with Media Outlets since 1995. Cornerstone utilizes data-driven metrics that include; market, genre, demo, day-parts, and performance, to ensure that we identify and air the best performing outcome based advertising shows and spots with every Media Outlet.

Managed Media Solution

Cornerstone Partners with Broadcast Stations on Their Paid Long-Form Business

  • Cornerstone builds and provides each Station with the use of its proprietary SDI SD or HD Cornerstone Server Equipment at No Cost to the Stations
  • Cornerstone eliminates all Station workload as we manage everything; content, traffic, scheduling, airings, affidavits, billing, collections, and payments
  • Cornerstone provides Stations with full transparency through detailed monthly reporting
  • Cornerstone remits one payment to Stations at the end of each month for everything


Partnership Model

  • Cornerstone sells the key long-form avails for the highest possible rates, increasing AURs
  • Cornerstone manages the lower value or unsold avails with performance media, maximizing Station revenues


Performance Model

  • Stations or Stations Rep sells the key long-form avails
  • Stations and Cornerstone establish a baseline for key long-form avails
  • Cornerstone manages all avails below the established baseline with performance media to maximize revenues and eliminate workload for the Stations