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Cornerstone Media Group

Independent, Data Driven, and Agile. Focused on "Win-Win" partnerships.

We foster mutually beneficial partnerships to enhance your current performance media strategy, not compete with it.  Our mission is to maximize business outcomes with data driven, targeted performance advertising that ranges from 10-second spots to 60-minute long form advertising.  The media landscape is constantly evolving. Since 1995 we have shown the ability to adapt our placement strategies utilizing data and cutting-edge technology to help create efficiencies and scale with measurable advertising.

Performance Advertising

Cornerstone Media Group’s industry leading performance division offers advertisers an efficient way to increase exposure on a cost per outcome basis.  Benefits of adding performance advertising to your media plan:

  • Incremental sales on a cost per outcome basis, minimizing risk commonly associated with a traditional media buy
  • Targeted Inventory ranging from 10 seconds to 60 minutes
  • Brand reinforcement and increased web traffic
    • Direct Response advertising has been proven to not only create measurable sales attributed to phone calls and text/promo codes but a proven method to drive incremental web traffic that allows for retargeting and growing your customer base
  • Data, Data, Data
    • Direct Response advertising provides you with response data that will allow you to better identify who is responding to your message allowing you to continually refine your advertising message and develop new customers
  • Aligned interests
    • We don’t make money if you don’t make money
Performance Buying

Because not all advertising opportunities are available on a performance only basis, we have created a media buying division.

As an extension to the performance advertising model, Cornerstone’s buying team utilizes customized analytical software paired with its trusted service to analyze daily response information. This allows us to effectively place media schedules while staying within your budgets.  We look to increase both response and conversion percentages by targeting dayparts and audiences.  This minimizes risk for you and your client because you are only billed on a cost per outcome basis. 

TEEM Platform – Cornerstone’s Unwired Network

TEEM is Cornerstone’s Targeted, Effective, Efficient Media platform.  While the Cost Per Outcome model is great for some, it isn’t for everyone.  TEEM may be the best placement option if you:

  • Have limited call center hours
  • Have strict budget goals
  • Do not want to deal with managing large banks of 800 numbers or distribution costs

Our goal is to find targeted pockets of inventory at efficient rates.  TEEM differs from traditional performance-based advertising in the following ways:

  • You may continue to use a vanity number/URL
  • It reaches a targeted audience based on the demographic profile you have identified
  • You can target certain dayparts

Cornerstone will proactively work with you to optimize the schedule based on the data you provide.  The more granular the information, the more we can dive into what is or IS NOT working for your client. 

We use household, demographic and daypart data sets to ensure that we are providing a targeted buy that gives your advertisement the best chance at success. Inventory is aggregated using Local Cable, Satellite, Syndication, Broadcast and/or National Cable networks.  TEEM takes a strategic plan, efficient placement, and a measurable result to create winning media plan.