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➤  We are experienced.  We have been in the outcome business since 1995

➤  We are data driven.  We mine and analyze a lot of data to help make smart decisions for our clients

➤  We are technology forward.  We develop all of our systems in house so we can change and evolve as quickly as the advertising landscape changes

➤  We are everywhere.  We represent over 800 media outlets and have deployed over 300 proprietary video servers to cast the widest net for our advertising clients

➤  We are your missing link.  Come see what CMG can do for your company

Leadership Team

Michael Clark

Chairman of the Board

Mike was one of the original founders of Cornerstone Media Group in 1995.  Before CMG, Mike was media director at Fingerhut’s television division, USA Direct, where he identified and pursued opportunities in non-conventional media distribution brought about by changing technologies.  Since inception CMG has been a leader in this area as media distribution undergoes even faster and more turbulent changes.  Mike is the managing director overseeing finance and operations where he is credited with using the latest and best technology for setting the standard in placing direct response media in remnant, unsold, or undersold inventory.

Don Epstein

Chairman of the Board

Don, one of the original founders of Cornerstone Media Group in 1995, has worked in the entertainment/advertising industry for 38 years. He started in New York at CBS and WNYW before moving to Minneapolis and working with Mike at Fingerhut. At CMG Don is the managing director responsible for relationships with advertisers and media. He still loves picking the brains of our staff and other leaders in the industry to help plot our strategy on where we need to be in six months as well as two years from now. He loves outcome based media because every day we get new information to better serve our advertising and media partners.

Chad Olsen

Managing Director - Short Form

Chad has been with CMG since 2002.  He currently serves as Senior Director for Short Form focused on Remnant Advertising, CMG's Unwired Network and New Business Development with our Short Form Advertisers.  Chad strives for mutually beneficial partnerships and helping both Media and Advertisers navigate the changing landscape through the use of performance based advertising.  He is our leading ambassador to help media find solutions for filling the increasing amounts of remnant inventory and brainstorming with our Advertisers on ways performance and remnant rate based media can be used to supplement their usual “big” media buys. 

Bill Howard

Managing Director - Long Form

Bill joined CMG in 2003 after working for Starz/Encore and Showtime Networks/Viacom in affiliate sales in New York. He is our Senior Director responsible for our managed media long form server business and long form and short form performance-based advertising. Bill works closely with both the media outlets and advertisers to develop win-win solutions. During his tenure Bill has developed long-term strategic partnerships with television stations, broadcast groups, cable companies, and satellite providers, deploying our Cornerstone Server Technology to help our partners eliminate workload, drive stronger AURs, and maximize revenues.

Chris Larson

Managing Director - Finance and Operations

Chris Larson serves as CMG’s Senior Director of Finance and Operations, partnering closely with our Managing Directors and leadership team to ensure the company’s operations are reliable and current. Chris also ensures CMG delivers responsible and timely reporting to all media and advertising partners. Chris takes a customer-centric approach to his role, working with our client service team to deliver on CMG’s financial and operational objectives while ensuring the company always has its partners’ best interests in mind. Chris has been with CMG since 2006.

Matt Osler

Director of Strategic Partnerships

Matt has been with CMG since 2021, serving as Director of Strategic Partnerships where he oversees client management, new business development, and emerging platforms. He thrives on understanding his client’s needs, developing go-to market strategies to meet those needs, and making sure CMG exceeds expectations both in terms of performance and service. Prior to working for CMG, Matt spent 15 years in the performance marketing industry working in management roles at Sinclair Broadcast Group, Univision Networks, and Viacom/CBS.

Aubrey Wilson

Director of Client Services

Aubrey has been with CMG since 1999 and currently serves as our Director of Client Services. She oversees our relationships with telemarketing companies, dub houses and other services which our advertising clients use to distribute ads and take orders.  She has set up and arranged for distribution thousands of new spot ads and infomercials through the years and makes sure all is running properly ensuring our ad and media reports are always accurate.  She is also responsible for maintaining relationships with our current advertisers and makes sure we continue to be considered one of the best and easiest ad agencies placing media to work with.