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Direct Response Distribution
Striving for Success
CMG’s tape distribution team serves traditional and non-traditional DR advertisers, placing their long-form and short-form advertising on hundreds of local cable systems, broadcast stations, satellite providers, and cable networks as well as on the internet
Representing Revenue and Reliability
One of the reasons for our success is that our service requires no make-goods on the deals we make. Since we offer the best direct response long-form shows and spots available and provide our media partners with the highest possible payouts, we’re able to make the most of their remnant inventory and produce greater revenue.
Focused on Our Clients
Our goal is to help our media outlets realize and share in the upside of their spot and long form avails. Instead of working against the media outlet, our goal is to work with them in order to pay out as much as possible. We work hard to provide our partners with only proven, time-tested products with media budgets behind them. And since we are independently owned and operated, we have no ownership interest in any product or service, keeping our perspective focused on our clients’ success.
Targeted Advertising Approach
In addition to representing revenue-generating products, we provide outstanding customer service, including in-depth industry knowledge, detailed reporting, and consistently on-time payment. Understanding that revenue means less without reliability, we have never missed or delayed a payment to any of our media partners in fourteen years of business.
Along with this, we also realize that our clients’ business is important to them and want to help them make well-informed programming decisions. Our account executives act as an extension of our partners’ sales and traffic departments by utilizing a targeted advertising approach to figure out what works for their particular system.

At CMG, we realize that there are countless factors, such as region, daypart, and demographic, to name a few, that affect how one show will perform on a single outlet. Because of this we use various analytic tools to gain both a national and local perspective when making recommendations.  Some of these include:

> Detailed  reporting

> Proprietary Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tools

> Inventory Analytics

Most of these tools were designed in-house in response to our clients’ needs and wishes.  By better understanding how our clients evaluate their inventory we can create a long term mutually beneficial partnership.

Our reliable service, knowledgeable staff, and ability to accurately analyze and adapt to the dynamic DR world.
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