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CMG CornerStoreTV (CSTV) Network
Making Programming Easier
CornerStoreTV, CMG’s proprietary delivery platform, was created as a result of Cornerstone’s exemplary history of airing direct response advertising shows and spots on cable systems and television stations in local markets. CSTV is a national-based, local television network devoted to providing the best service by showcasing the most successful products at the most effective times in the most efficient manner, which provides our customers a turn-key programming service.
Our Proprietary Delivery Platform
We manage each Cable, Television and Satellite channel independently from our Minneapolis Operations Center. CSTV is available on analog and digital cable channels, broadcast television stations and satellite.  We can do this on either a full time or part time basis, depending upon the market and capacity.

Managing Our Markets

We manage each market and channel independently which enables us to maximize advertising revenue for our clients at the local level.


Easy From Setup to Service
Contact CornerStoreTV today to find out just how easy it is to launch the CornerStoreTV network on your cable system, television station or satellite channel.
In addition to CornerStoreTV, CMG launched, a web-based shopping site that hosts our advertising clients’ most popular direct response products based on media exposure and current product strength. provides a direct link between the consumer and the product supplier, allowing for one-stop, easy-to-find shopping.
Through advancement and innovation, CMG is always trying to make the process of programming easy, efficient, and effective.
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